How to understand betting odds

Betting companies (BC) all over the world offer bettors various betting lines, which make it possible to bet on almost any ongoing game or other event. A bet is a confrontation between a player and a bookmaker, where the coefficient is the established rules of the game. In essence, the coefficients (CF) are an expert assessment, carried out by the analysts of the office, of the possible outcome of an event.

It should also be taken into account that every bookmaker is still a business, and it must generate income. Therefore, the odds include not only the opportunity, but also the profitability of the bookmaker itself. Any player is constantly attracted to large betting odds, because this leads to a quick win.

The main task of the bookmaker is to correctly calculate the balance between the acceptability of the odds for the client and the bookmaker’s earnings included in it.

What is a ratio?

The coefficient of the bet is just a reflection of the probability of an event. Learning how to calculate them and convert them to decimal odds is the first step towards creating your own system for determining the value of bets (displaying the estimated frequency of an event, derived from the base probability, based on which you can bet).

What do the coefficients depend on?

In order to set a good odds for a particular game, analysts must predict it. We can say that they are cappers, only their income is a salary. First you need to determine the chances of the team to win. For a more accurate forecast, different tools are used, but they are mainly divided into analytical and heuristic. The first method is mainly probability theory and statistics, the second is expert assessments. By combining these two methods, the most probable outcome of an event is derived.

Rules for calculating the odds

In an effort to quickly and easily make money on bets, players often do not think about the long-term profitability of the offered odds laid down by the bookmaker, they are attracted exclusively by the largest odds today, immediately. Betters do not think about how much they will lose in the long run if some bets do not win. Gaining experience, over time, players begin to understand in more detail how odds are formed, which bookmaker is preferable to choose, where it is guaranteed to get a win at a bet (it can be in rubles, hryvnia, dollars).

Consider a football game between two teams. There are only 3 possible outcomes of the confrontation: the victory of team A, a draw or the victory of team B. The probability that at least one outcome will occur is 100%. And then the matter is small: you need to distribute these 100% among the three outcomes. Analysts and sports experts get down to business. Their task is to estimate the probability of each outcome occurring.

Types of coefficients

What is a coefficient in sports betting? Different types of odds of bookmakers can be compared with foreign languages, where words look and sound differently, but denote the same action. The same is true with odds. CFs can be fractional, decimal, positive or negative. Their mathematical essence is the same. Moreover, there are easy formulas that allow you to recalculate different coefficients from one type to another:

  • The English coefficient has a fractional format. For example: “team A” will be the leader in the confrontation. The coefficient on it will look like 2/15. This suggests that when betting on 15 units (dollars, rubles or other cash equivalent), the bettor will win 2 units (dollars, euros, rubles) which are added to the set bet. The player will receive a win of 17 units (rubles, hryvnias, dollars) on his account.
  • European coefficient. The decimal format is a familiar form, for example, 1.15, 7.74, and so on. It gained popularity and soon began to be used on a par with English. Today, the European format is considered the main one for betting in all major bookmakers.
  • American odds are considered the most difficult to understand by bookmakers. These CFs do not use fractions in calculations, unlike the English and European systems. A significant difference is the fact that there is a “+” or “-” sign in front of the numerical value. By this sign, you can determine who the bookmaker considers the favorite. American odds have not taken root in Europe at all, but they are actively used for betting in the United States.
  • With the development of Asian markets, new Asian betting systems began to appear, which are rarely found on the websites of Russian-language betting shops, but where you can also get up-to-date information about sports events. These exotic systems include: Hong Kong (the bookmaker determines only the percentage of net profit at the rate); Malaysian (the ratio of the size of the bet to the win is determined); Indonesian (represents the US coefficient divided by 100).

In fact, these systems are modifications of the American and European ones. It is important to know that the type of coefficient does not affect the bettor’s winnings in any way. It’s just that these are different views that display the same mathematical entity for making a bet.

How to stop betting addiction

Unhealthy craving for gambling has become a real problem for modern society. The wide opportunities that the Internet gives us help in studying and working, communication, but at the same time they make available many temptations, one of which is betting.

Moderation is good for everything, and sports betting is no exception. An excessive craving for a game, despite the possible negative consequences for a person, is called a gambling addiction or a gaming disorder. And this term is familiar to medical specialists in many countries.

Uncontrolled gambling can lead to a number of unfortunate consequences:

  • complete waste of personal, and sometimes other people’s money;
  • arising debts;
  • crisis in relationships with a partner or spouse, acquaintances and friends;
  • emotional distress, up to deep depression.

In general, the problem exists, and it can ruin the life of those who cannot control their craving for the game. In this short article, we will talk about ways to eliminate a gambling disorder and return the course of your life to a normal and healthy course.

To get rid of gambling addiction, you need to go through a path consisting of several important stages, we will consider them in order.

Understanding Addiction

Like many other addicts, over-gamblers deny the very existence of this problem. In their hearts, many of them understand that the matter has long gone beyond the usual hobby, but publicly they furiously continue to deny this problem, they react sharply to possible criticism from others.

There are markers of gambling addiction that clearly indicate its presence in a person’s life, for example:

  • you spend more time gambling than you originally intended;
  • having to lie to family or friends who are worried about you;
  • some of your responsibilities are already suffering because of the passion for the game;
  • you have to borrow money to play games or cover other debts.

If at least one of these points can be applied to you, there is a problem. And it can only develop if the addiction is not eliminated in time. It is rightly said that understanding the problem is the beginning of the right path to its solution. Once you recognize your addiction, it’s time to take the next step.

Closing access to gambling

It is important not only to remove applications from your smartphone and block certain sites, but also to highlight the triggers that become (including) a reason to play. For example, many people start playing out of boredom or in the hope of overcoming financial problems, and as a result they significantly exacerbate them.

Do not visit gambling establishments

Not everything in our world has gone online yet, and many bettors play the old fashioned way by filling out paper coupons at bookmakers. Just forbid yourself to appear in these institutions, even for some of the limited time that you have allocated for healing therapy. For example, for three months.

Limit your social circle

It is necessary to exclude communication with friends and acquaintances who also play. Ask not to be invited to events related to betting, do not enter into a dialogue with them about the game and betting results. If it is impossible to stick to the blocking of this topic, just temporarily stop communicating with them.

Financial control

Strict adherence to the budget is the key to success. Perhaps you should involve a trusted person in managing your finances. Share your budget plans with a loved one, give him the funds and ask him to give them back only to cover important and agreed expenses.

Replacing the game with other activities

Finding new hobbies can be a great help in dealing with addiction. Switching attention to something else, radically different from gambling, often becomes a real salvation.

Among such “novelties” there are: practicing certain sports, yoga, walking in the fresh air, incl. hiking, creativity (participation in circles, drawing, singing, writing), involvement in social projects.

Seeking help in a timely manner

The tips we give are good, but sometimes it is very difficult to follow them on your own. You may want to see an addiction specialist for extra motivation and strength to fight.

Participation in specialized support groups also becomes an effective means of healing. Gamblers Anonymous (GA) is a great form of group therapy. Support from people with the same problem who are trying to get rid of it is an important and effective factor in your victory over addiction.


In general, this is a short list of points on the path to getting rid of a gaming disorder. Of course, it can be expanded and supplemented, because each case is unique in its own way and there is definitely no single universal recipe.

We have shown only important landmarks, and only a person who will follow this road will be able to specify them. We believe that at the end of the journey you will return to a healthy and normal family environment, finances and a joyful life without gambling addiction.

How to make money on sports betting

Many sports fans seek not only to enjoy the victory of their favorite teams, but also to receive financial benefits from their hobby. And rightly so, any process needs to be supported and optimized. Sports betting available anywhere in the world online will help you do this.

We will briefly give a few tips that will be useful to beginners, and perhaps even experienced players in the betting world. Following these simple recommendations, you will be able to achieve consistency and consistency in your sports forecasting. And this can already bring you the desired result in terms of finances.

In the first part of our article, please read some tips that will allow you not to lose money out of the blue. This is the base from which you need to start your journey to financial success in betting.

Organize proper bankroll management

Even if you are an analyst and forecaster from God, this does not mean that unpredictable losses will bypass you. It is important to learn how to distribute your game bank at a distance. Financial discipline for a bettor is one of the most important success factors.

If you want to go long, never bet more than 1/7 of your playing cash. It is optimal if the bankroll is divided into 10-15 bets. This will allow you to cover some losses and gradually move towards growth.

Never play in a bad mood or while intoxicated

Alcohol and negative emotions are real pests for bettors. It is better for you to wait out this period by taking a break from your gaming activities. On the spur of the moment, you can make impulsive and reckless bets that will lead to the loss of most (if not all) of the game bank.

You are at great risk of retreating from financial discipline and the chosen strategy of bankroll management, being in a state of even a little intoxication after a couple of beers. How many stupid things and rash acts have people committed in the company of alcohol … Do you need it?

Wait out the tilt without betting

This concept came to betting from the world of poker. There, it is understood as a period when a player constantly loses, an unsuccessful series. If repeating losses of bets over and over again make you sad, you need to limit yourself in the game and take a break.

Perhaps you still lost the proper degree of control and succumbed to excitement? In this case, it is worth waiting a few days to give the brain a rest and return to betting in a “fresh” state.

Never bet more money than you can afford to lose

This rule is one of the main ones for pro players. You must have a clear understanding of the amount that you can lose painlessly in the event of an incorrect forecast. Form the budget of your game, regardless of whether you make a bet once a month / six months, or you play often and according to the system.

Even before the game, you should be prepared for the fact that you can lose your bet. Treat this money as if it had already been spent irretrievably. In fact, this amount is a financial investment that can bring you income, or it can sink into oblivion without a trace. You simply no longer have these finances – they have become the foundation for future victory. Or maybe lost forever.

Forget about trying to get back lost money

This is one of the main problems of gambling people. Greed and offended self-esteem push them to the erroneous idea that they simply cannot lose. Players who are too fond of the process, spending large (often excessive) money on it, are called gamblers. And this really resembles a kind of mania – unable to recognize the reality of the losses incurred, they make more and more bets, often losing to the nines.

Please note that simple mathematics is initially on the side of the bookmaker. If the odds are calculated correctly, then over a long gaming period, the bookmaker receives its percentage of pledged income (at least).


Understand that even the most experienced bettors cannot always take into account all the factors that affect the outcome of the game, so they can make an incorrect prediction.

The right attitude to sports betting allows us to have fun and recharge with positive emotions. In no case should you let yourself be carried away by excitement, this can only lead to the loss of the bank and your sadness. It must be remembered that betting is only an insignificant part of our only life, this process should not be elevated to the forefront.

Best Sports Betting Sites in Nigeria Online

Our material is dedicated to the best resources that operate today in the Nigerian betting market. Many global companies have invested money to present nationally adapted versions of their well-known global sites here, some of them also made it to our TOP 5 best betting sites in Nigeria.


Of course, it is worth starting with this world famous company. The site has been working for Nigerian bettors for more than a year and shows good audience growth statistics. Here are all the popular sports from the championships of the whole planet.

On the 1xBet gaming platform, not only betting will be available to you, there is also a section with classic casino games: table and slots, branded games of our own design. It also hosts virtual sports competitions. The organizers also play several types of lotteries.

1xBet welcomes new players and supports old ones by offering them various types of rewards in the form of bonuses.


Another bookmaker with a world history and many years of professional experience. Bettors will appreciate the fact that this resource is dedicated exclusively to sports betting, there is no section with games and lotteries. This allowed the organizers to focus on one type of activity and provide their users with a truly royal level of service.

More than 600 markets are represented here on a permanent basis, the widest line of sporting events is available to players. The office provides very favorable odds, often they become the best on the market.

The advantages also include a powerful bonus program, incentive 5x CASHBACK and the Cash Out option, designed to protect the financial interests of players. The information-rich sections “Statistics” and “Results” will help you conduct high-quality analytics, make the most probable prediction of the outcome of the match and earn your honest money.


The owners of this site tried to make it interesting, first of all, for Nigerian betting fans. All national features of this process are taken into account at BET9JA. Today, this resource is a professional, modern and stylishly designed tool for online betting.

Players have access to:

  • virtual gaming machines – slots from the most reputable providers;
  • sports betting in live and pre match mode;
  • video broadcasts from the casino – classic games with the effect of presence;
  • lotteries, e-sports;
  • Virtual Sports are sports tournaments organized by artificial intelligence.

The BET9JA site warmly welcomes newcomers by offering them an introductory bonus of 100% of the amount of the first deposit. Experienced players can use the Cash Out and Cut-1 functions, which allow them to optimize their financial movements.

Surebet 247

A promising young bookmaker that is rapidly developing its business in Nigeria. It has a good variability in withdrawing money, there are several working ways to do this.

The site supports a variety of sports, and also contains a casino section, where there are both table games and electronic slots from the most popular brands. Thanks to the live casino mode, you can play classic games as if you were in a real gambling house. High-quality broadcast in HD quality will allow you to experience the full range of pleasure from the game.

You can also test your luck in Surebet 247 with the help of lotteries, and if you want something new and unusual, pay attention to the Virtual Sports competitions held here. Passions in the computer sports world boil no worse than in the real world.

The welcome bonus from Surebet 247 is also good – it can be up to 150,000 NGN, it is credited in the amount of 150% of the amount of the first deposit of a newly registered account. Go for it, luck will smile at you!


Another popular site among Nigerian bettors. It boasts rich and convenient functionality and a powerful selection of entertainment for its visitors.

Classic card games, casino table games, roulette, lotteries, craps, wheel of fortune and Andar Bahar are also available here – everything your heart desires is present. Sports betting includes pre-match and LIVE mode, as well as predictions for the results of esports competitions.

The platform supports players with bonuses and incentive accruals, this applies to both newcomers to the resource and already experienced “residents” of the site. Betway also boasts a superb jackpot draw of NGN 850,000,000. In addition to the main prize, registered players can receive 500,000 NGN in the weekly draw.