FAQ_CSO Call for Proposal_2019

Public Notice_Local Publication for Call for Proposals_CSO
Guidelines for grant applicants
Annex A – Grant application form

Annex B – Budget
Annex C – Logical framework
Annex D – Legal Entity sheet company
Annex D – Legal Entity sheet public entity
Annex E – Financial identification form
Annex G – II. General conditions
Annex G – IV. Procurement rules for beneficiary(ies)
Annex G – IX. Standard template for transfer of asset ownership
Annex G – Standard grant contract (special conditions)
Annex G – V. Standard request for payment
Annex G – VI.1. Model interim narrative report
Annex G – VI.2. Model Final narrative report
Annex G – VI.3. Model interim and final financial report
Annex G – VII.1. Expenditure verification model report and ToR
Annex G – VII.2. Expenditure verification model report annex
Annex G – VIII. Financial guarantee
Annex J – Information on tax regimes applicable to grant contracts